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A new year.  Can you believe it’s 2009 already!!  We’re nine years into this new milenium, where are the jetson style cars!  I’m not a big resolution kinda gal but I do want to document my hopes for this year.

I hope to always follow my heart.

I hope to grow and live and be true to myself.

I hope to capture wonderful images and to bring happiness to peoples lives.

I hope you continue to follow and support me on this new trip.


On Sunday we decided to head on over to Abney Hall for a bit of a walk.  It was a beautifully sunny yet chilly day.

Esme absolutely loved running around and playing.  It was just muddy enough to be squishy,  in other words it was perfectly muddy!!

I just love this last photo- it shows her perfectly determined face.  She wanted to climb the fence and wanted up to help.  We’re all about supporting her without doing it for her so we cheered her on and giving her pointers.  She wasn’t thrilled but she did it!!

I hope everyone had a happy Christmas.  We had a simple and quiet day and I missed my loud boisterous family most on Christmas day.

Yesterday I received a 18×12 print of this photograph- it looks amazing!  I have never printed anything this large and was a little worried.  I needed to know how big I could go with my photographs and wanted to check out the quality of the printer.  I’m very happy with the quality.  I would like to use a local printer so I’m still on the look out for one.  Someone in my camera club mentioned one and I am planning on trying it out soon.  In the meantime I’m sure B will love the print- it’s a xmas present.  Do you think she’ll like it?

I also printed a 20×16 of ‘Into the fog’

It’s a massive print but I love the way it looks.  I’m looking forward to having it framed and hung.